hair loss and thyroid

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the ardorous


hanna antonsson

A London photography student from the deep forests of Sweden.

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julia baylis

Currently studying in New York. Julia is a clothing  designer, painter, and photographer. She does it all.

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dana boulos

A Los Angeles native. Dana is a videographer, photographer,  and designer. She creates whimsical clothing and jewlery  under her Petite Lapin label.

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Petit Lapin

Wise Red Lips




Arvida Bystrom

arvida bystrom

A Swedish photographer, blogger, artist trying to figure out what to do with life.

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elena chernyak

A Photographer currently based in Moscow.

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petra collins

Petra is a photographer and painter living in Toronto. She is  the curator of The Ardorous.

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Petra Collins








apple darling

Apple studies and lives in Toronto. She is an illustrator, designer and sound artist.

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grace denis

Grace Denis is a twenty-one year old photographer and video artist. A Los Angeles native currently living in Olympia, Washington.

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Shelby Di Marco

shelby di marco

A whimsical soul from Los Angeles, Shelby is  does everything  Collages,  photos, drawings, paintings,  jewelery  design.

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Fleur Lux

Panther Panther








maya fuhr

Maya is a photographer, stylist, and actress living in Montreal.

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minna gilligan

Minna is an artist, blogger and natural red-head based in Melbourne, Australia. She creates potent, psychedelic drawings and paintings that evade time and space like mirages. Minna is currently working as an illustrator for Rookie magazine and completing a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art, majoring in Painting.

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moni haworth

Moni is the mother of style. Living in the U.K Moni is a photographer and stylist.

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Johnnys Bird






beth hoeckel

Beth Hoeckel lives in Baltimore, Maryland USA. Creator of collages, photographs, and mixed media paintings.  Reader of classic literature. Collector of various treasures.

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Aëla Labbé

aëla labbé

Aëla is a France-based contemporary dancer and photographer.

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alice lancaster

alice lancaster

Alice is a Chicago-based photographer and illustrator.

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adri law

Adri Law is a photographer and singer born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

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nicole lesser

Nicole is an artist currently living in Los Angeles, working between there and New York.

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jessie lily adams

Jessie is a photographer based in London.

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Dasha Love

dasha love

An illustrator and now photographer, Dasha was born in Moscow and currently lives in London.

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Masha Mel

masha mel

Is a photographer. Born in Moscow, living in London, UK. She is a film lover. Takes photographs on 35mm film using her old Russian camera. She is the editor of Vrag Mag.

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leah meltzer

Leah is an artist who works in the genres of photography, video, sculpture, and performance art. She is currently living and working in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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grace miceli

Grace is a multimedia artist and curator who recently graduated from Smith College.

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claire milbrath

Claire is a Montreal-based artist and founder of The Editorial.

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monika mogi

Monika is a Japan native currently living in London. She is a writer, photographer and illustrator. She is the creator of her own online zine called Baiser Mag.

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Baiser Mag







kristie muller

A Toronto native currently living in New York. Kristie is a photographer.

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Ball Town







lauren poor

Lauren studies photography in NYC and is loves visionary environments and the ecstatic truth.

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rhianon schneiderman

Rhiannon is a photography student based in Daytona Beach: the armpit of Floridaand possibly all of civilization. She looks forward to graduating.








brandi strickland

Brandi is a 26 year old artist and photographer who is currently living in the Virginia mountains.

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tania shcheglova

Tania is a photographer and model from the ukraine. Tania and her boyfriend run a website together.

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mayan toledano

photographer and art director, 1/2 of @its_meandyou

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roxanne werter

Roxanne is 20 year old UK based art student. A mixture of all kind of things - a perfect mess.

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marie zucker

Marie Zucker is a a 20 year old photographer and model from berlin. She got into photography when she looked through the viewfinder of a shabby sx70.

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