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Road Trip!


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Hey Guys!


I will let Tavi explain it to you guys:

“The Rookie Road Trip, presented by Rookie, the Ardorous, and Urban Outfitters, will start in New York City on June 25th and end in Los Angeles on July 21st. The group of odor-ridden but enthusiastic travelers will be AnaheedHazelPetra, Petra’s sister, Petra’s boyfriend, and me. We will stop along the way to meet up with you guys and do stuff like get ice cream and make zines and talk about our feelings and reenact the heart-to-heart in The Breakfast Club and also brainwash you all into becoming our friends wait what? Maybe we’ll just get ice cream and make zines and talk. And get other kinds of chemical sugar sludge, and try other DIYs, and, oh gosh, between your brains and ours, the possibilities are ENDLESS. It’s really fun and special to talk about the things our brains are up to in this community online, but it’ll be more fun and special for all of the thinking and sharing to take place in person. I may even jab some of you with my finger to make sure you’re real. TEENAGE GIRLS: Now in 3D

Once we get to L.A., Petra and I will set up an installation and selection of artwork from Petra’s female art collective, the Ardorous, at Urban Outfitters’ Space 15 Twenty at 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd. We’ll host a bunch of events there from July 21st to the 28th, including such fun as zine-making and other DIYs, live readings of pieces from the site by our contributors, dancepartyfuntimes, and lots of chemical sugar sludge.!”

Hope to see you guys soon!

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